Second National Iranian Conference on Phycology

The phycology is a branch of life science devoted to the scientific study of algae. Algae are novel bioresource for a wide range of valuable bioproducts. This significance originates from their extreme biodiversity and capability to convert waste streams into useful ones.

The second Iranian Conference on Phycology (ICP) was scheduled to provide us with a better understanding of the algal world. It is going to be held annually after legal establishment of the Phycological Iranian Society in 2018. The first series of the ICP was independently scheduled in 14 September 2011. That successful event was of high interest for both academia and industry and led to strong collaborations among national and international researchers.

This event would like to provide this opportunity among researchers across Iran and the world in order to circumvent their scientific problems and commercialize their algal products. We are proud to bring to Tarbiat Modares University (Tehran, Iran) for the first time, the 2nd Iranian Conference on Phycology in 2019. This event will be hosted in the Faculty of Biological Science, January 29 and 30 , 2019. The topics of following subject categories are highly welcome and we would be happy to receive any pertinent article regarding to phycology.

1- Application of algae in basic resources (soil, water, and air) conservation

2- Enhanced production and extraction of algal metabolites

3- Bioreactor design and construction

4- Algal systematic and taxonomy

5- Algal cultivation and harvest

6- Algal ecology and geography

7- Algal genetic engineering

8- Algal physiology

9- Algal bioenergy

The conference language is Farsi, and the key note speakers will present their speak in English.